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Magical Mystery Core: Demystifying the Biomechanics of the Abdominal Muscles & Understanding the Psoas

Magical Mystery Core: Demystifying the Biomechanics of the Abdominal Muscles & Understanding the Psoas

Join Adriana on a journey through the core! In this workshop, you will learn the anatomy of your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Dive deep into the ever elusive psoas - considered “the muscle of the soul”. Learn how to release this often chronically tight muscle and build intelligence in your core. Leave with a greater understanding of your own body and techniques to make your yoga practice stronger. All levels welcome.

This workshop is part of a three workshop series. $25 investment to take just this section, $60 investment to attend all three.

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VGY!F Vegas Gone Yoga Festival
to Oct 8

VGY!F Vegas Gone Yoga Festival

I am SO beyond excited to get to present on Saturday & Sunday this year at Vegas Gone Yoga! I have attended this festival three years and have gotten to see it grow and expand with the growing Vegas yoga community. I feel so grateful to be on the schedule at this amazing event in my very own home town! 


Gathering people in one place at one time allows the yoga community to connect in new ways and over the past two years, VGY!F has fulfilled its purpose of connection and collaboration amongst teachers, practitioners, artists and wellness enthusiasts. The 5th annual Vegas Gone Yoga! Festival will be held on October 6,7 and 8th 2017 at the beautiful Springs Preserve, a peaceful 180 acre nature retreat just three miles from downtown Las Vegas. With over 40 workshops and styles of yoga on the schedule, VGY!F hopes to accommodate the wide range of practitioners and yogis attending the festival.

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Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas

Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas

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12:00 PM12:00

Be Fearless & PLAY! Partner Yoga Workshop with Adriana Lee & Chelsea Feline

Partner yoga builds trust, community, patience, courage, and connection. It creates a safe space allowing you to let go of fears and break down walls. In this workshop Chelsea and Adriana will share why its important to connect with others through playful touch. We will bring out our blissful inner child, fulfilling needs that don't get met through social media, small talk, and the day to day grind. Partner Yoga encourages personal transformation and provides the opportunity to give and receive; support and be supported; experience strength and sensitivity. Through these community based practices you will find yourself: experiencing higher states of bliss, making friends more easily, being more open to the unknown, being more playful, feeling centered and grounded, engaging in risk taking activities, rising above the illusion of limitations, and connecting with the divine inside. Be Fearless and Play and join us on May 20th at 12:00 noon at Evolution Yoga Coconut Creek!

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At the door: $40

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