to sit or not to sit? that is the question.

This might make a few people uncomfortable.

   And I'm okay with it.

I'm not going to pretend to have an opinion on sports. I'm not going to pretend to like or understand or care about sports. It's cool if you do. Athletes are badasses and I can appreciate that. 

I'm also not going to pretend I get why this whole sitting during the anthem thing is such a big deal. I've asked people who do care to explain it to me, and let's just say the answer was confusing.

Because it's just a song. Just like the flag is just a piece of fabric.

And none of that matters.  

Symbols are symbols. You can put value to them or choose not to. I've seen plenty of symbols that probably meant something to someone but meant nothing to me. 

I think people are important, much more important than a symbol. I think equality and loving kindness matter more than a symbol.  

And I think if sitting down or standing matters that much to anyone, they should really reevaluate their lives.

What matters?

Nationality does not. Religion does not. Kindness, however does. And compassion does. Your ability to be there for someone in need does matter. The way you treat your loved ones does matter. The way you treat this planet we share does matter. 

I hear people talking about respect. Respect for their country, their military, their perceived freedom. How about respecting human fucking rights? How about respecting our planet and helping care for the environment? What about animals?  

I care a lot about sentient beings. Things with feelings. Do you know what doesn't have feelings? A song. A flag. A country. A symbol.  

But I guess these players did something right. They got the guy that sits in the Oval Office playing with the Twitter machine all day and night pretty worked up. They got a lot of people with really skewed values all fired up. They've started a conversation that basically shows us just how deep this divide really is.

It's amazing how something as simple as sitting or standing can show you so much.