finding space in savasana: a guide to sacred stillness

It's every yogi's favorite pose. But what does Savasana actually mean, and how can you get the most out of it in your yoga practice? Savasana literally means corpse pose. It represents death. But not in a morbid way or in a sad way, either. It represents death in the same way that in the fall, trees shed their leaves. Or a snake sheds its skin, or a deer sheds its antlers. It represents a letting go in order to let in.

The Easiest & The Hardest Pose

Savasana might be the easiest pose in your yoga practice to execute, but it’s the hardest to master. What could possibly be so hard about Savasana? All you have to do is lay down right? Stillness — that’s what’s so hard. Our bodies are constantly going and going...and going. When we ask the body to stop, sometimes it doesn’t understand. When we unconsciously fidget all day, it becomes a challenge to stop for 5 -10 minutes at the end of a yoga class.

What’s going on in the mind during Savasana? 

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