just breathe.

Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. Inhale.

It always comes back to this, the gentle flow of breath. Exhale. Pause. This natural rhythm that keeps us going, gives us life force energy. Inhale. Peace. Exhale. Simplicity. When we turn our attention to the breath, we are immediately brought into the present moment. Inhale. Now. We are brought into this very moment. Where everything is happening, always. Exhale. Surrender. Let go of the need to chase thoughts. Let go of worry and struggle. So often our thoughts can turn into a wild goose chase of what ifs and then whats. Breathe in. Be here instead. Why allow the mind to run in all directions? This moment isn't so bad. And by the time you've had a chance to over analyze and critique this moment, guess what? It's gone. On to the next. Exhale. Enjoy the ride. This life has plenty of chaos. Why live in chaotic thoughts? Let it be. Half the struggle happens in your own mind. Inhale. Peace comes from within. So does happiness, and love. Take a deep breath and just be with that breath every now and then. Exhale. Be grateful for each and every breath that graces your lungs. Someday there will be no more breath. And that's okay too. It all comes full circle. But for now, while you can, pause and enjoy what happens when you inhale. Notice the chest rise, notice the way it feels. Exhale. Feel the chest fall. Notice the way you feel when you exhale slowly. The way your heart beat gently slows and relaxes you. Pause. Inhale. There is so much beauty in the simplicity of the breath. So much to discover about yourself by simply quieting the mind. When you strip away the layers and layers of mindless chatter, the stories, the thoughts, the nonsense...what you have left is you. Not the story you tell to describe you. Not what's happened to you that makes you the way you are. Not your name, not your profession, not your hobbies or skills or fears or insecurities. Not your hopes or dreams. Just you. Exhale. That's where you'll find yourself. In that innermost space that's always been there and will always be there. That tranquil place that we forget exists because we are just so busy thinking and thinking and thinking and. Inhale. If you look into a mirror that's been covered with mud you won't see yourself. You'll see mud. That doesn't mean that YOU are mud. Strip away the layers. Wipe away the mud. And there you are. Exhale. Some call it spirit. Others call it the soul. Some call it atman. Why bother with names? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. It's you. Inhale. Peace comes from within, do not seek it outside of yourself. The more frequently you go back to the breath, the easier it is to find that inner space of serenity. The easier it is to find yourself. Exhale.