when souls collide.

Two souls float about the ether. Wandering gently through space and time. They glide through stars and trees alike, hovering within and without the bodies they occupy. They choose a path for these bodies to follow, unaware of their predestination. This is the story of what happens when two souls collide.

Two souls float about the ether. Their bodies preoccupied with this and that. Until suddenly, they crash. The souls connect, knowing their roles well enough. Their bodies, unaware of their predestination, react. Two bodies sense electricity in the air. Their eyes meet and they are briefly aware of their ethereal connection, briefly, but they forget. They exchange language, words, laughs, energy. All the while, the two souls float within and without each other. Hovering, watching, knowing.

Two bodies spend every possible moment together. Addicted to the merging of their  souls. Blissfully unaware. Their closeness turns to passion. Passion that knows no bounds. Turns to romance as quickly as it turns to rage. They explode with force of all kinds. They inspire, outrage, revitalize, and oppress. Unpredictable and reckless as lightning. Illuminating the night sky with beauty, destroying everything it touches. Two bodies devour each other, hearts ablaze Their souls glide through space and time. Wistfully watching. Knowing. Waiting. All the while, two bodies desperately ache. Unaware of their predestination. Unaware of the havoc that they must wreak in order to evolve. Chaos leaves the bodies raw. Exposes every dark corner, dark secrets, dark matter. They separate.

Two souls float about the ether. Their bodies scorched, fires put out by tears. Resting. Waiting. Healing. Their souls comfort them as best they can. Silently urging their bodies to continue down the path they so carefully laid out for them. Whispering in the wind words of affirmation.

Two bodies metamorphosize. Experiencing lows, in order to reach new heights, Finally, they realize their predestination. They understand the parts they had to play in this lila they call life. Their mission complete. Their roles fulfilled. Their souls float on about the ether.